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Please note: all pets over six months MUST be desexed in order to attend The Furry Godmother Doggy Daycare (Winnellie).

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While the safety, health and well-being of your pet is paramount to us, we understand that there are times when unforeseen things happen. In this event we do have a veterinarian on call. We are happy to use your nominated vet if you prefer – providing they are available. All veterinary and associated costs will be your responsibility.

PLEASE NOTE: Proof of vaccination (minimum of C5) and desexing is required prior to your dog’s first day. Instructions on how to supply this will be sent in your acceptance letter.


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Behaviour Assessment


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How does your dog react to new people/dogs coming into your house? Does he/she
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Are there any kinds of people/dogs that your dog fears or dislikes? For example: a particular breed/type of dog, human men, children, tall/short people, elderly people, postmen?

Has your dog ever bitten a person or another dog? *  Yes      No
If so, what were the circumstances:

Has your dog ever snapped at a person or another dog? *  Yes      No
If so, what were the cirumstances:

Is your dog overly frightened or nervous about anything? For example: vacuum cleaners, thunder, fireworks, hats, umbrellas?

How does your dog react to other dogs approaching when he/she is:
On lead:    Growl       Bark      Hide      Wag Tail      Jump Up
Off lead:    Growl       Bark      Hide      Wag Tail      Jump Up

Has your dog ever Jumped or climbed over a fence?: *
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If so, how high was it?

Does your dog have any of the following habits?:
Urinating inside the home
Excessive barking
Chewing /Destructiveness
Separation Anxiety (crying when left alone)
Mouthing your hands or clothing

How often and where does your dog socialise with other dogs?: *

Are you able to remove items (including food) from your dog? *  Yes      No

Is your dog travel crate trained? *  Yes      No

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What type of collar do you walk your dog in?*

Does he/she
Pull on the lead      Walk next to you     Walk behind you

What obedience training has your dog had? : *

What commands do they understand? : *

What other comments or information about your dog that you feel might be helpful? :

Thank you for assisting The Furry Godmother by providing the above details. This will assist us to tailor our care to suit your dog. We promise that we will care and nurture your beloved dog as you would at home.


  • Such a wonderful place. Staff are genuine pet lovers who make my 2 Staffys feel loved and cared for. Facilities are A1. I am confident my fur babies are/have gotten the same level of care I would give them.

  • My dogs went there and when they got home one of them was snoring for two hours! He had a good day full of play and both of them were so happy when I picked them up. You can tell that they had fun!

  • My Beagles love going to Doggy daycare. They go once a week and always come home tired. The staff are really lovely and they really care for the dogs.

  • Great place for dogs to play, socialise and have fun while their parents are working. Our dog Indy loves going there and comes home tired and happy every time.